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A Professional Psychologist!
I believe in developing a positive focused mind before your body muscle. Every things start & grows from mind, so let keep it healthy & positive with me. i will help to overcome stress, addiction, bad habits and relationship issues.

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Who am I?

Ms. Reena Walia is a well recognized face in Delhi for her excellence work in Psychologist field. she work for 7+years with two times Gold Medalist Dr. Gagandeep Kaur. In her career Journey she helped numbers of people by resolving their personal Problems and Career issues. 

Honest Words for me..

" A Pre requisite of being a good psychologist is to be good human first. And this seems apt for Ms. Reena Walia, the most compassionate, genuine person i ever met in my life. she is an excellent psychologist and highly recommended her."
Dr. Gagandeep Kaur
Double Gold Medalist & Founder of Unique Psychological Services
"Reena Walia is one of best Psychologist and human being. I met she is very active in helping their clients and most of the clients either children or adults feel comfortable in sharing their emotional concerns. "
Mr. Atul Verma
Founder of uibsdel.org
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feature book

Life's Amazing Secrets

Learn, how to find Balance and Purpose in your life. A great book by Gaur Gopal Das will help to make more clarity in your life. Personally i tried these techniques successfully to many peoples. Peoples are so amazed with results.  

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I will happy to assist you. Every things can be fixed whether that is related to your Personal or Professional life. 

Tell me your pain, I will provide my essentials expertise to make you happy. 

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